Mountain Arnica

List of O’Herbal products with Mountain Arnica


Mountain Arnica (Lat. Arnica montana)

The mountain arnica contains ethereal oils, flavonoids, lactones, triterpenes, acids of phenols and amines. The properties of these compounds contribute to effective use of arnica extracts in externally applied preparations. Arnica is used for medicinal massage. By its anti-inflammatory action the arnica extract helps limit the development of inflammatory and rheumatic conditions. The bactericidal and bacteriostatic action contributes to limited propagation of bacterial infections on the skin. Arnica montana flower extract also fills the hair shaft with components vital for its strength and volume.


Moisturizing liquid soap with extracts of flower plants 500 ml


Volume boost spray for fine hair with arnica extract 200 ml


Volume boost mask for fine hair with arnica extract 500 ml


Volume boost conditioner for fine hair with arnica extract 75 ml